Innovative Solutions

Innovative Research Solutions: A Long-term Relationship

You First Services group of companies’ works as consortium to acquire world-class innovative technologies. Our dedicated scientists, while committing to the highest standard, ethics and integrity, are involved in scientific research projects aimed at translating research into applications to give it new dimension. Our unique, evidence based, research products have been highly appreciated, and have been awarded by the UB CAT grants and National Grid grant for further development.


Revolutionary inventions not only salvage our lives, but also improve the life style of emergent world. These innovations are generated by Universities, Research centers and hospitals. You First Services, transfers technologies and applies these innovative, scientific concepts to new dimensions.


Our clean environment diagnostics program promises to help you control the susceptibility to bacterial, viral and other environmental hazards. Our highly trained team of scientists will conduct the diagnostics and provide remedies to assist you in achieving the internal environmental health on evidence based statistical data.


Envisioned with the principle of “I care for you”, we will help you achieve your health targets with our population centric preventive health care research programs.