Our Company

Our Mission

You First Services strives to enhance and improve lives through innovative, factual and science-based research programs. Our company aims to proceed aggressively for the licensing of cutting edge technologies, nationally and internationally, while bringing innovative health care applications that will contribute significantly towards the health care of individuals to market .

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a world class research and development company that remains committed to developing science and creating global partnerships. These partnerships with like-minded institutions will result in the introduction of unique applications into the market that may contribute to decreased health care costs. Our company aims to be a global leader in providing innovative health care technologies, and contribute significantly towards social advancement.

Our Guiding Principles

You First Services believes in working hard to develop new ideas. We will introduce technologies in a commercialized form to make significant contributions towards health care, while fostering our commitment to community welfare and accountability. We will develop high output technologies and programs that will make a significant impact on future healthcare, and we promise to decrease healthcare costs.

Our innovative and scientific models will continue to bring unique products for wider use as well as for the company's long-term sustenance. We foster success through our continued focus on innovation and execution.

We will continue to obtain par excellent expertise, staff, high profile partnerships, scientific ventures, collaborative research and business developments, while creating diverse employment opportunities. We will target collaborations with progressive, innovative and ethically like-minded groups. We will provide opportunities to individuals to explore their potential by empowering them to better utilize their natural talents.

We will create an ethical workplace based on shared values. Our regulatory consultants ensure that our company operations are in strict compliance with state law, and meet the ethical guidelines. Our management and employees are good law-abiding citizens who will ensure that they do the right things, in the right way. We will always uphold the responsibility to comply with national and international laws, while conducting our operations across the world with the utmost transparency. We will ensure that all of our management and employees are well informed and educated about the ethical code of conduct they need to follow.

We will ensure that the company records are well documented, and all transactions completely account for all audits and inspections. We will continue to work hard and maintain complete transparency.

We will deal with our clients and collaborators with honesty and integrity. We do not believe in short cuts.

We are committed to targeting financial support for charitable causes and creating foundations to help the needy.