Joe Allen


The largest part of Joe’s career was spent at Allen & Caron Inc., a firm he founded in 1981 in Irvine, California. He and his colleague, Rene Caron, guided the firm’s investor relations and media relations activities for decades, expanding to New York City in 1995 and London in 2002. Largely due to family health problems, Allen & Caron Inc agreed to a business combination in 2015 with Dresner Corporate Services of Chicago, creating the DresnerAllenCaron division. He left after a contractual transition period of two years in 2017 to form Joe Allen Associates Inc, and subsequently joined Buffalo-based You First Services, Inc.
Joe worked actively in planning investor and media programs and spearheaded Allen & Caron’s initiative working with cross-border companies, including international companies with ADRs that trade in the United States. Under his leadership, the company worked with clients in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina, among other countries.