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Our Trial Sample Program is a new offering from You First Services Inc. Both Lubricity Oral Spray for Dry Mouth and MetaQil Oral Rinse for taste disorders 0.5 oz. bottles are available. We offer a choice of One Time Purchase or a Subscription delivery method to introduce our products to your patients to assist with their oral health care.

Trial Sample Program - Lubricity 0.5 az

This offer is for professional health care providers only.

This is a limited-time offer that cannot be combined with other offers.

Trial Sample Program - Metaqil 0.5 az

One Time Purchase

This option includes 20 trial-sized bottles of MetaQil OR Lubricity and discount brochures for $99.95
includes Free Shipping.

Trial Sample Subscription

Our convenient subscription service automates the sample process by offering you trial-sized bottles every 3, 6, or 12 months (cancel any time).
includes Free Shipping.

Trial Sample Subscription Options

$ 69.95 / 3 month
  • 16 Bottles
  • Ships every 3 months

$ 74.95 / 6 month
  • 16 Bottles
  • Ships every 6 months

$ 99.95 / per order
  • 20 Bottles
  • Ships as requested


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What our customers say

Lubricity is an innovative Oral Spray that provides comfort and relief for people suffering from the uncomfortable symptoms resulting from reduced or absent saliva flow. It's simple 5-ingredient formula was designed to provide longer lasting relief with less applications compared to other solutions.

MetaQil is a first-of-its-kind scientifically formulated oral rinse to help alleviate the symptoms of metallic, bitter or unpleasant taste.

The unique formulation provides a cooling, refreshing, effect, leaving the mouth feeling free of taste disorder.  

You can cancel your subscription anytime! Just call (716)204-7215 ext 2025 to initiate the cancelation process. 

Unlike the Trial Sample Subscription, One Time Purchases do not repeat! If you wish to purchase more samples, just reach out to us and complete another One Time Purchase.

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