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2022 YFS Explore Quarterly Newsletter Released (4th Quarter)

This edition is highlighted by our latest updates on our product lines, our continued scientific research and development, and our objectives for the remaining year.

Exploring Science & Developing Technologies

You First Services Group of Companies, was established with an overall goal of introducing innovative healthcare applications and solutions. We specialize in the Acquisition, Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization of unique scientific technologies.
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Who We Are

our principals
mission & vision
quality policy

The foundation of our company is based on a framework of guiding principles that are integral to our work, our passion, and our commitment to the development of innovative technologies.  

High Compliance Standards

Uphold high ethical standards, and obey laws and regulations.

Collaboration & Partnership

Target collaborations with like-minded groups and companies.

High-Performing Team

Hire and retain qualified people and maximize their success.

Integrity & Innovation

Cultivate success through focus on innovation and execution.


We are determined to explore the possibilities that scientific innovation brings to the fields of healthcare and environmental safety. Our goal is to develop unique scientific technologies into effective, accessible and affordable products. With these products, we strive to improve the health and well-being of our local, national and global communities.


We work diligently to create a space where the knowledge of our researchers, scientists and associates can find expression into tangible and accessible solutions that benefit society. We’re committed to the idea of happier and healthier world where nobody is deprived of effective healthcare and clean, safe and unharmed environment.

You First Services was approved for START-UP NY, which offers new and expanding New York State companies an opportunity to operate free from NY State corporate, sales and local taxes for 10 years.

Lubricity was registered as a medical device in the European Union, Canada, Australia, as is approved in India.

Lubricity was registered as a medical device in the European Union, Canada, Australia, as is approved in India.

In 2017, we acquired the exclusive worldwide license for an air sterilization technology.

In 2018, we partnered with HDT Global, Inc. to incorporate SteriSpace into Temporary Negative Pressure Isolation Shelters.

BioFloze successfully completed the synthesis of the required compound for biofilm removal.

Our cGMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing facility completed construction and is ready for production (2019).

We Will Continuously Strive to Delight our Customers with Outstanding Quality, Safety, & Effectiveness of our Products & Services
We believe that our future lies in the hands of our valued customers.
In our efforts to achieve this objective, we will

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Our Innovative & Scientific Approach

Our innovative and scientific approaches will continue to bring unique applications for wider use as well as for the company’s long-term sustenance. It also means working to improve the quality of life by supporting efforts that enrich the lives of others. We will ensure an ethical culture developed on the basis of shared values and believe that our novel concepts are our true assets, vital for the sustenance of our highly innovative organization.

Community Involvement

You First Services is deeply committed to providing educational needs locally and around the world. We believe that quality education is a basic foundation for anyone’s future. YFS Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting the basic educational needs of young girls in developing countries as well as providing essential collegiate assistance for local students pursuing science and technology careers. There are untold millions of girls overseas that never have a chance to go to school. They are stuck in a desperate cycle of poverty and despair that handicaps entire societies. There is also many well-deserving, high-achieving high school students in Western New York that could never afford the college demands for books, supplies, housing and tuition.

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