A widespread outbreak of Legionnaires disease has killed one person and sickened possibly dozens of others who were all guests at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. The hotel evacuated all its guests on July 15 and remains closed until the situation is remedied. There were 12 lab-confirmed cases of the disease, including one death, and another 63 “probable cases.”

According to the Mayo Clinic Legionnaires’ disease is “a severe form of pneumonia,” People get sick inhaling microscopic water droplets containing the legionella bacteria. It is not contagious,  which explains pneumonia as an inflammation of the lung that is typically caused by an infection. You can’t catch Legionnaires’ disease from person-to-person contact. Instead, most people get Legionnaires’ disease from inhaling the bacteria,” the Mayo Clinic adds, noting that older adults, those who smoke, or those with “weakened immune systems” are the most susceptible.

Public health officials say a dozen guests had tested positive for Legionnaires, a bacteria that can cause a severe form of pneumonia. For more details please click here.

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