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You First Services, Inc. commercializes innovative scientific technologies to support the efforts that enrich the lives of others. Our company has successfully developed and launched products in the fields of Disinfection & Sterilization, Infectious Disease Control, and Oral Healthcare. As an Emerging Technology, Small Business Manufacturer, our goal is to develop unique scientific technologies into effective, accessible, and affordable products to improve the health and well- being of communities across the world.

CAGE Code: 76J73

Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): WNVDMLM9RGV5

SAM Unique Entity ID:

NAICS Codes:

Dental Equipment and
Supplies Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical and
Medicine Manufacturing

• Design and Development
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
• Quality Management System
• cGMP / GLP Compliant
• Lubricity is an U. S. FDA cleared Medical Device
• MetaQil is classified as a Cosmetic under Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act)
• FDA Registered Manufacturing Facility
• Ability to translate research into actual healthcare applications for end-users.
• Formulation development, stability & safety testing, clinical trial completion,
regulatory review, product manufacturing scalability, and product marketability

• Available to Distributors, Retailers and Consumers Nationwide (including McKesson, Medline, Supply Clinic,
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Amazon.com, Walmart.com)
• Clinically proven
• In-house support team of scientists, physicians, engineers, advisors, and collaborators.
• Sugar, Gluten & Alcohol Free
• Simple effective ingredients for exceptional safety and efficacy
• Proud supporter of Sjogren’s Foundation
• Made in U.S.A.

Indi Kormaku
Director, Sales & Business
Development – Oral Care

(716) 204-7215 ext 1055
485 Cayuga Road
Buffalo, NY 14225

GSA Advantage! (VA Contact #36F79722D0183)

Lubricity Dry Mouth Oral Spray (SIN: C-20)
MetaQil Oral Rinse (SIN: C-20)
SteriSpace Air Sterilization (SIN: C-10)
250 CFM Unit (SS-250)
GloTran® Automated Disinfection System (SIN: C-10)
Standard Unit (GT-35HI)

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